Hardships and challenges faced by those who colonized Jamestown

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Over the course of this module, you have learned about the hardships and challenges faced by those who colonized Jamestown. You have examined how settlers responded to these challenges, how they were shaped by them, and how science has helped uncover new understandings about life in Jamestown more than 400 years after its settlement. In
this task you will synthesize your knowledge of this time period and argue which factors most significantly impacted the development and decline of Jamestown. You will demonstrate your understanding using an argumentative essay, the kind of writing you have read, learned about, and with which you have developed expertise throughout the module.
During the establishment of the Jamestown settlement, the colony’s development and decline was influenced by many factors, some social and some environmental. For an audience who has read and studied all the module texts as you have, write an essay in which you argue whether it was the social or the environmental factors faced by Jamestown’s early settlers that were most significant to the settlement’s struggle to thrive. Your argument should be based on your understanding of Jamestown’s development and decline as represented by the module texts and your research. Please remember to include proper citations for your textual evidence, follow the conventions of standard written English, and maintain formal style. Please incorporate the following words into your response: relations, sacrificed, and aggravated.
Support your response using evidence from the following texts:
Æ’ Blood on the River
Æ’ At least one of the following other module texts:
p “Rethinking Jamestown,” Jeffery Sheler (Handout 21A)
p “Address to Captain John Smith,” Chief Powhatan (Handout 16B) p Written in Bone, Sally Walker
Hint: You should refer to your Response Journals and Handout 5A (Factor Tracker) to help you complete this task. You can also use the optional argumentative essay graphic organizers (Handout 15A) to help you plan your essay.
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Checklist for Success:
Be sure to include all of the following in your response:
___ Introduction that includes: ___ a hook.
___ an introduction.
___ a claim .
___ a preview of your reasons.
___ Two argumentative supporting paragraphs that each includes:
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___ a clear reason that supports your claim.
___ textual evidence that supports your reason.
___ elaboration that explains how the evidence supports your reason.
___ transitional words or phrases to show connections among your sentences. ___ a variety of sentences structures and types to convey your ideas effectively. ___ internal citations to indicate where in the texts your evidence is located.
___ a concluding statement that reinforces your reason and closes the paragraph.
___ Conclusion that:
___ reinforces your argument.
___ offers a “So What” that reflects the larger significance.
___ Establishes and maintain a formal style.
___ Consistently uses correct number, person, and case of pronouns to improve clarity in writing. ___ Effectively incorporates module vocabulary words.
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