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Your portfolio should be 1 document with 4 parts- each entry should be easily identifiable.
Start each entry with the website where I can access whatever you’ve found in parentheses. When I put the website into my browser, it should take me directly to the article, blog post, podcast or video that you found.
Underline/highlight/bold the terms, concepts, ideas or examples from class material.
You will find 4 articles, blog posts, videos or podcasts that have some connection to something we’ve covered DURING THE SECOND HALF of this semester. You can find them yourself, or search the links that are included below. You write one entry for each thing you find
For each entry you will write at least 3 paragraphs:
1) briefly summarize the content
2) discuss vocabulary/concepts, important ideas, or examples from class materials that you can connect to what you’ve found.
3) synthesize the material from class and the article/podcast/blog post you choose, and critically discuss how the two sources relate.
Each portfolio entry should explain why it’s interesting or important to think about the content from the texts, slides, and presentations along with the article, podcast or blog entries you choose. You might try looking at your weekly journal entries and using them as a starting point.
If you get stuck while writing, here are some questions to consider: How does this illustrate something mentioned in the class material? Is this similar to or different from something discussed in class? How? Does this answer a question raised in the text or in class, or make you think of a new question?
Try to think like an anthropologist, focusing on applying ideas to concrete examples, making comparisons, thinking holistically and systemically to consider how parts are related to a whole, thinking interdisciplinarily/bioculturally, relativistically instead of making assumptions/judgments based on your own cultural values, and thinking adaptationally/evolutionarily about changes across time and space
These websites are good places to look for articles, podcasts, blog posts, and videos. SEARCH the websites for topics you find interesting and see what comes up. You can use as many or as few of the linked websites as you like. You can use just one or none. It’s just a coincidence that you have to do four entries and there are four sites posted under links.
Suggested Websites: Search this blog for archaeology articles. They have a lot of interesting things about science and technology both in the present and in the past. Some of you might be familiar with Kotaku, a gaming-oriented blog run by the same people. This is a blog put out by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Focus on articles that have to do with the material we’ve covered in the text, although other articles can be used for your group presentations, or extra credit assignments From the about page on their blog “In 2010, American Anthropologist called Savage Minds “the central online site of the North American anthropological community” whose “value is found in the quality of the posts by the site’s central contributors, a cadre of bright, engaged, young anthropology professors.”
Evaluation criteria
in order to get full credit for this assignment each portfolio entry should:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of class material.
2. Show an ability to engage with anthropological sources through summarizing the articles or podcasts you choose using your own words.
3. Critically engage with the materials you choose through asking questions, giving examples, or furthering previous understandings
4. Utilize the key characteristics of the anthropological perspective by thinking: holistically, empirically, comparatively, adaptational (or about change over time), bio culturally and/or culturally relativistically

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