For this essay, you will investigate a political issue of interest to voters in

For this essay, you will investigate a political issue of interest to voters in the United States. Read the instructions and guidelines below carefully and review the grading rubric before submitting your work.
Find a NEWS article that addresses a current political issue of concern to voters in the United States. There are numerous possibilities, such as immigration, election interference, trade, healthcare, climate change, abortion, corruption, etc. It must, however, be an issue that is not a topic of another one of your essays. A news article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine such as the New York Times, FOX, The Washington Post, VICE, etc. that addresses a current event. It does not include sources like Wikipedia, eHow, dictionaries, academic journals, or other information websites.
See a selection of materials under Supplemental Chapter Readings (Chapters 16) for some ideas.
After you find your initial article, do additional research on the topic. A minimum of three (3) sources outside of the textbook is required in order for you to provide a good narravative on the subject. The additional sources can be website or other media articles.
Write a minimum 1500 word essay that answers the following questions:
Based on your sources, how is the current political issue described? How does it relate to the forms of and/or functions of government discussed in the textbook?
According to the article, what are the consequences of the political issue for the people experiencing it? How does it impact their life outcomes or opportunities?
How can the political issue be addressed so that there can be an effective governmental response to the issue?
5. See the Essay Research Resources located under Tools & Resources/Assignment Resources for assistance in writing your paper.
Your essay should:
be a total of 1500 words or more.
The 15000 word limit DOES NOT include the questions, names, titles, and references.
It also does not include meaningless filler statements.
have factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.
be original work and will be checked for plagiarism.
You will receive a zero if substantial portions of your work are taken from other sources without proper citation.
have references and citations for your sources including the textbook; however, a minimum of 3 sources outside of the textbook is required.
Cite your sources within the essay and provide complete bibliographic information for each sources according to the APA Style Guide. FYI: Just including a web addresses or links are not full references!
Provide a complete bibliography for all your sources; this does NOT count toward the 1500 word requirement.
Review Research Resources before beginning your paper.

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