For this assignment, you will be conducting a context-based analysis of persuasi

For this assignment, you will be conducting a context-based analysis of persuasive messages and compliance gaining. You need to select a specific context or setting in which persuasion and/or compliance gaining occurs. In your paper, you will examine the range of strategies and tactics used both by those seeking to influence and by those seeking to resist influence attempts. You will also be presenting your findings to your classmates—more information on this below.
Some examples of suitable contexts or settings for compliance gaining and persuasion include:
Adolescent peer influence
Charitable fund-raising and philanthropic
Classroom compliance gaining
Cult conversion and deprogramming
Food server-restaurant patron relationships
Intimates and compliance gaining
Intercultural or cross-cultural compliance gaining
Organizational compliance gaining
Physician-patient influence
Police interrogation and custodial interviews
Retail sales transactions
Support groups and self-help organizations
Public health awareness campaigns (D.A.R.E., HIV awareness, Juul Movement, Upworthy, condom use, Just Say No, etc.)
Product placement, product planting (TV, cinema)
Viral marketing (grassroots, word of mouth)
Shock ads or subvertising
Targeted advertisements (e.g., Ads for Children around the holidays)
Social movements (e.g., pro-choice/pro-life, veganism, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Anti-vac movement)
Web advertising, online marketing
Your task is to identify the primary strategies, tactics, and forms of influence that characterize or illustrate persuasion and compliance gaining in the particular context your group selected. You should also demonstrate that you have a solid grasp of literature in a particular context. Your paper should reflect your understanding of theories, concepts, research, and processes central to the context you have chosen.
You are encouraged to use your own insights, analysis, or perspective on how persuasion and compliance gaining functions in the context you’ve chosen, but only after demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the literature. Indeed, if your approach is entirely descriptive in nature (e.g., you just reiterate what the research shows), you probably will not earn an “A.” I am looking for you to probe deeper into the material and produce your own ideas from your analysis and research.
The length of your paper will depend upon the context you select, the amount of previous research, etc. I’ll be reading the papers, not weighing them to determine grades. This means your papers typically will be at least 5 pages (double spaced, times new roman 12-point font, apx. 1,250 words)
However, here are the minimum requirements:
You should have a minimum of 5 artifacts that represent the persuasive and/or compliance gaining messages.
You should have a minimum of 5 scholarly sources (maximum of two from the internet – meaning .com, .org,.edu, .etc.)
Your paper should demonstrate you possess college-level writing skills. Your writing should also display your thinking ability, the ability to understand theories, grasp complex concepts, discover interrelationships, and generate your own insights. Naturally, you should proofread your paper for grammatical and syntactical errors. You should pay proper homage to published authors by citing their works whenever you refer to their words, ideas, or data. Your paper should conform to APA citation guidelines. If you are unsure of need assistance with APA, either stop by my office hours or see the CCE tutors for assistance.
HINT: While the textbook will be a strong initial resource for analyzing the various messages, Chapters 10 -16 will help you identify various tactics used by the various messages’ creators. You can also look at the sources the authors of your textbook used as a starting base for your own research.

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