Find a news segment or article that has something to do with human trafficking a

a news segment or article that has something to do with human trafficking and
write a reaction paper about it. It can be about any form of trafficking we
have discussed in class (i.e., labor, sex or organ trafficking, domestic
servitude, child soldiers, debt bondage, child brides). If you use a news
story it must have been published in the past year. The news story
can be print, electronic or video news but must be from a legitimate News
Briefly summarize the news story (approx. 1 paragraph, no more than
1 page).
Discuss how the story relates to a topic (or topics) discussed in
Incorporate references to relevant articles where appropriate. In
other words, discuss how the stories reflect themes in the readings (and cite
the readings in APA style).
How are victims “reflected” in the story (e.g., as manipulative,
helpless, or as derogatory “hoes” or prostitutes, etc)?
How does the story wrongly (or correctly) portray what you have
learned about trafficking victims or perpetrators?
Any other reflections you want to include.
APA formatting
for in-text citations and in your references.
Length: Minimum
2 full pages, maximum 4 full pages (not including references)
Font: Times New
Roman, 12-point
Double-spaced, with no extra spacing between paragraphs
Margins: 1″
Headers: No need
to put your name, class, or assignment at top of paper as this is all
redundant when you turn it in on Canvas (I see all that info where you
turn it in). So do NOT use a header or waste space this way

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