Fandom Analysis and Justification Report Assignment Purpose/Goals: Throughout y

Fandom Analysis and Justification Report
Assignment Purpose/Goals:
Throughout your career, you will need to share information you are passionate about with people who do not share the same interest. One of the inherent dangers in educating others about a topic with which you are familiar is the fact that you will assume others have the same knowledge.
This assignment is designed to help you clearly explain a topic to others not familiar with your selected topic. You will include a general summary of the topic as well as a discussion regarding a debate within the field. Additionally, you need to think as a business professional. After educating someone about your passion, create the business case for why one should care and pay attention (or even acquire rights) to your selected fandom. Consider these examples: Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney used to be separate properties; now Disney owns all three. Pokémon Go was a combination of two fandoms: Pokémon and geocaching.
This assignment develops writing competency because it requires students to educate a reader on a complex topic from diverse genres without using first-person phrases such as “I think” in order to propose a thesis; instead, students must convey their opinions through third-person statements. This assignment also develops your ability to collect and organize information through research to prepare and deliver business messages in written format.
Paper structure:
APA Style. Reference pages 170-207 of The Little Seagull Handbook for specific guidelines. A template is provided to help with the report’s organization. Help with citation format will be provided in homework activities and class readings, so pay attention and take notes.
Assignment Specifics:
-The entire report should not be less than five (5) pages or more than eight (8) pages.
-Cover page is required.
-A separate references page is required.
-At least three sources should be cited.
-Write in third person.
Assignment Overview:
Prepare a 5-8 page report educating the reader on your topic of interest. The report must include a general overview of the topic being discussed with enough detail to educate an uninformed reader. Additionally, write a thesis statement for something fans debate within the topic. The thesis needs to be clear and then supported with reasons and logical evidence from sources appropriate to the fandom (this may include blogs or fan wikis). You must also include a criticism for your thesis. What is the other side of the argument? Again, be sure to cite sources of information for both the thesis and the criticism. Next, end the discussion with your final and best argument that supports your thesis.
As you shift toward a conclusion, justify your topic from a business perspective and demonstrate relevance for an uninformed reader, i.e., why should your reader care about the overall topic?
Finally, conclude the paper with a summary overview of the paper from start to finish.
Overview of Requirements:
General overview of the topic. Educate the uninformed reader about the topic.
Summarize a specific debate within the topic. What do fans of this topic discuss and argue about?
Write a thesis statement. What is your position on the debate?
Support the thesis. Cite sources in APA format.
Criticism. What can be criticized about your thesis? There is always another perspective. Clearly identify one critique of your thesis.
Support the criticism. Cite sources in APA format.
Justify your thesis. Despite logical arguments against your thesis, come back with your final and best argument in support of the thesis.
Demonstrate a business case/relevance for the topic. At the end of the day, why should your readers pay attention to this topic? What is the business case for paying attention / caring about the developments within the selected fandom? Can it be monetized or used for training? Is there an economic impact associated with the fandom?
Conclusion: Write a summary of parts 1-8 by highlighting the key parts from each section.
Specific Assignment Guidelines:
Using the template provided and following the writing advice provided in The Little Seagull Handbook, your paper will contain the following headings:
Begin with a general overview of the topic.
Educate the uninformed reader about the topic. For example, if your topic is Star Wars, what would the reader need to know in order to understand your future thesis? Essentially, what does someone who has never heard of Star Wars need to know about it?
Heading title: Introduction
Summarize a specific debate within the topic that will become the focus of your thesis.
Educate the uninformed reader about something specifically debated within your fandom.
Be sure to include quotes from your selected texts to describe your theme.
What do fans of this topic discuss and argue about? In Star Wars, there are a lot of debates, for example, Jar Bar Binks – great character or not? The prequel trilogy – great series or not? Episode VII: The Last Jedi – best or worst film of the series?
Heading title: A Closer Look at _________ (fill in the blank with the specific debate you want to discuss and describe)
What is your position on the debate? (The Little Seagull Handbook page 46)
After summarizing a specific debate, develop a thesis statement clearly identifying where you stand on the debate. Write the thesis in as few words as possible. (i.e., no “because” for your thesis)
For example, a clear thesis statement in Star Wars: “Han shot first.”
This heading body will only contain one sentence: your thesis statement.
Heading title: Thesis
How do you support the thesis?
Use a “return sentence” to your thesis and provide at least two examples to support it. The Little Seagull Handbook offers assistance on page 47. Hold off on your final and best example until a later section.
Support your thesis with examples and citations from our readings, use additional sources from other classes or further research as needed.
Provide at least two sources and in-text citation quotes to support your thesis.
Heading title: Thesis Support
What can be criticized about the thesis?
Develop a counter-argument to your thesis. The Little Seagull Handbook, pages 44-48, contains additional advice. Whether this is a direct attack on the thesis you selected or an alternative to the thesis is up to you.
Develop a clear, critical analysis statement to argue against your thesis.
A clear counterargument to the Star Wars thesis above: “Greedo shot first.”
This heading will only be one sentence long: your counterargument statement.
Heading title: Criticism
How do you support the criticism?
Support the criticism of your thesis with at least one example. The Little Seagull Handbook, pages 44-48 contains additional advice. This can either be a direct attack on the thesis or an alternative theory, depending on the nature of your topic.
Heading title: Critical Analysis
What is the final and best reason that your thesis is the correct position?
Use return sentences to transition your reader back to the original thesis. Remind your reader of you thesis and why it is important.
This is your chance to put forth your final and best original argument in favor of the leadership theme you selected. In other words, DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME ARGUMENTS from your earlier section.
Use a new example/reason that supports your thesis. This will be a new source not previously used with an in-text citation.
Heading title: Thesis Justification
What is the overall business case for this topic?
Use return sentences to transition your reader back to the general topic.
Why should the reader care about the topic at large?
This should provide a final, educational piece about why the topic is worth knowing about. For example, Star Wars films alone grossed over $4.5 billion as of August 2019 ( The franchise’s ability to earn money means that it was profitable enough to motivate Disney to spend billions of dollars to acquire the intellectual property rights. Understanding the topic can be a conversation starter.
The business case doesn’t have to be about gross income. Does knowing about the topic save money in other ways? For example, if your fandom is yoga, can you make a case for why businesses offering yoga during the workday will increase productivity?
For example, the home game against the Green Bay Packers has the largest impact on the Minneapolis economy than any other opponent – that would be a business reason to pay attention to that particular NFL rivalry)
Business professionals tend to like source-based evidence over an opinion:
CITE A SOURCE AND PROVIDE SOME FACTS TO MAKE A BUSINESS CASE to receive full-credit on this section!
Heading title: Topic Relevance from a Business Perspective
Summarize your paper from start to finish. You will not add any new arguments in this section.
Heading title: Conclusion
The conclusion should, in order, summarize each section of the research paper:
□Introduction □Closer Look at ___ □Thesis □Thesis support □Criticism □Critical Analysis reasons □Return statement to thesis □Final and best argument □Topic relevance from a business perspective □Closing, lasting final thought
Template for success:
In conclusion, ____ (fandom topic)___is about ______. One debate that exists within _(fandom name)____ is (summary of debate). Critics of __(thesis)___ argue _______________ because ________. However, it’s clear that __ (thesis statement) __ because ___(reasons)____. Ultimately, there is a business case to be made to know and understand ___________ because _______. ___ (final, lasting thought) _______.

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