Each week students will be asked to respond to questions in the discussion forum

Each week students will be asked to respond to questions in the discussion forum. Three questions are assigned each week; each student should answer two out of the three questions in an initial post each week. Answers should be thorough and involve critical analysis of the subject matter presented. The initial post content should be comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive.
Major points should be clearly stated and well supported based upon knowledge gained throughout the program of study. Each initial post should be at least 550 words in length and include citations for any resources utilized in answering the questions. Note that repeating the text of the questions does not count toward the 550-word required total.
Discussion Questions (Pick only two to answer):
Discussion Question 1: What can we measure about the four objects listed below? Be as specific as possible.
a.) Laundry detergent
b.) Employees
C.) Factory output
d.) Job satisfaction
Discussion Question 2: What are the essential differences among nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales? How do these differences affect the statistical analysis techniques we can use?
Discussion Question 3: Following are six questions. Evaluate each on its strengths and weaknesses.
a.) Do you read National Geographic magazine regularly?
b.) What percentage of your time is spent asking for information from others in your organization?
c.) When did you first start chewing gum?
d.) How much discretionary buying power do you have each year?
e.) Do you think the president is doing a good job now?

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