Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about: You learned a lot abou

Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about:
You learned a lot about how operations and supply chain management (OSCM) can impact an organization. Working in tandem, OSCM is the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the organization’s primary products and services. In addition to OSCM, you explored various human resource roles, and the impact technology has on an organization.
In your initial post, share with the class your strategic audit company’s operations and supply chain management. Also, address the following prompts:
Describe the products or services and their manufacturing facilities.
Discuss its logistics set-up and how its goods and services are transported and supplied to the customer.
When replying to classmates’ posts, evaluate the post and think from the standpoint of an auditor making recommendations to the organization for improvement or efficiencies. Consider addressing the following prompt:
Discuss, from your viewpoint, if the operations and supply chain management are effective and efficient in determining how well the organization can accomplish its goals.
Post 1: Christy
The technique of coordinating the many activities required to manufacture and deliver goods and services to company customers is known as operation and supply chain management.
It includes everything that happens along the way from the point of origin to the point of consumption.
Every setting, from the government to banks to schools to hospitals, is either a consumer or a seller, and they all require raw materials or products to work with.
Processing or utilising these commodities, as well as providing products or services to clients using these materials, are all part of a supply chain. Professionals in these sectors also work with processes and how to make them more efficient.
As a result, supply chain management is critical since it may help achieve a variety of corporate goals. Controlling manufacturing processes, for example, can improve product quality while lowering the danger of recalls and litigation and assisting in the development of a strong consumer brand. Controls over shipping methods, on the other hand, can improve customer service by preventing expensive shortages or periods of inventory oversupply.
The process of managing the movement of raw materials and pieces from the start of production to delivery to the customer is known as supply chain management. Operational supply chain decisions are made hundreds of times each day in many firms, affecting how items are conceived, manufactured, transferred, and sold. The supply chain’s complexity varies depending on the size of the company and the complexity and quantity of the commodities produced, however most supply chains have aspects in common, such as.
Customers: Customers initiate the chain of events when they choose to buy a product that the company provides for sale. If the product must be made, the sales order will include a criteria that the manufacturing facility must meet.
Planning: The planning department will develop a manufacturing plan for the products needed to satisfy the customer’s request.
Purchasing receives a list of raw materials and services necessary by the manufacturing department to complete the customer’s purchase.
Inventory: The raw materials acquired from suppliers will be stored in the warehouse.
Production: Using raw materials, they finish the product ordered by the customer and transport it to the warehouse for shipping.
Transportation: When the finished product arrives, the shipping department decides the most efficient method of transporting the product so that it may be delivered to a specific consumer within the time frame provided.
Post 2: Tasha
Netflix offers streaming services on demand via its portal. Those products are streaming media and video on demand. Film production, film distribution, and tevelvision production are other services Netflix has to offer. Netflix studios in located in LA. It is a dedicated unit for producing original movies and shows. It also creates content specifically for the various countries it provide services. Netflix logistics involves taking data that it collects from users to understand viewing patterns. It uses those algorithms to show predictions of what show and movies customers want to watch next by their personal viewing history. This saves customers the effort of searching and generates more revenue for the business. Supply chain managers can combine internet and data with algorithms to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics. Services are transported at customers fingertips. The interface for easy use involves comparing options and looking at a single system of engagement.
Post 3: Francisco
Operation and Supply chain management is the practice of coordinating the various activities that are necessary to produce and deliver goods and services to the business customers. It covers everything along the path goods travels from suppliers to eventual consumers. Every environment from the government to banks to schools to hospitals either consumers or sell items, and they need raw materials or products with which to work. A supply chain is involved in processing or using these materials or even providing the product or services to customers using these materials. Professionals in these fields also work with processes and increase efficiencies with processes. Tesla sells high-quality electric cars but manufacturing takes time and lots of it to the point where many workers said they were rushed and just were putting things together to make it go faster. The cars are either delivered straight to the customer or they are picked up but have years of waiting they cannot just get the car the day they want it unless you have a lot of money and are willing to pay to skip the line.

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