Discussion 1 (150 words): Write a reply to this post given below. it should be 1

Discussion 1 (150 words):
Write a reply to this post given below. it should be 150 words. it could be a question related to it or a meaningful comment.
“When learning about the material covered in this module. One topic I wanted to discuss was Locus heterogeneity and hemophilia. I was having trouble understanding different types of dominant, X-linked and other genetic diseases, but it helped learning about medical diagnoses with them. This disease occurs with two possible X-linked recessive and one autosomal. Locus heterogeneity is when a disease can be caused by mutations in two or more different genes. Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder that causes the blood to not clot properly. If males inherit the X affected chromosome, it would have a mutation in either the factor VIII or factor IX gene. Females may have hemophilia but it is more rare to occur than men. Furthermore, I was able to understand Hemophilia A is a defect in clotting factor VIII, Hemophilia B is a defect in clotting factor IX, and Hemophilia C is a defect in clotting factor XI.
Discussion 2 (150 words):
Note: document related to and helpful to this discussion is attached. please look into that and do this discussion related to the topics in those two documents.
Students will be expected to post at least two articulate and substantive comments (minimum of 150 words) to each Discussion Board: An original post and a reply to another student’s posts.
You may contribute to online discussion in many ways. Here are some ideas:
– Post original questions about the course material. For example, you could have a question about a particular problem. It is not enough to simply state, “How do I solve problem # 12?” Instead, you could mention how far you got into the problem, and where you got stuck, and what are reasonable options for the solution.
– Post a summary (and link) to an article that is related to the content of the module
– Post a website and indicate how it is tied to the information presented in the module
– Post a reply with a detailed solution to a problem

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