Discuss your perspective on the issue, supporting your arguments with the ethica

Discuss your perspective on the issue, supporting your arguments with the ethical thinking of one or more of the philosophers covered in this course.
Essay topic (chosen ethical issue) from choices below
Summary of student’s ethical perspective on the issue
Ethical theory or theories they will use to support arguments in the essay and how they do so
Four sources that will be cited (Make sure they follow the below guidelines)
Essay Topic:
Animal Rights
My ethical perspective on animal rights is that we should take into consideration animal rights. I believe that it is morally wrong to use animals for testing not only scientifically, but for industrial purposes as well.
Ethical Theories:
Utilitarian theory supports my argument because we should take in consideration animals and understand what is the best outcome for them. This theory also takes into consideration humans more than animals but we should understand that animals suffer just as much as us and take that into consideration. I believe that we should think about the best overall outcome when thinking about them..
Four sources:
Regan, Tom. The case for animal rights. Univ of California Press, 2004.
Waldau, Paul. Animal Rights. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
Franklin, Julian H. “Animal rights and moral philosophy.” Animal Rights and Moral Philosophy. Columbia University Press, 2004.
Francione, Gary L. “Animal rights theory and utilitarianism: Relative normative guidance.” Between the Species 13.3 (2003): 5.
Use the four sources provided with the summary and ethical theorys.

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