Discuss all the following topics. 1. (Write in 900 words) Ch’oe Yun’s novella “T

Discuss all the following topics.
1. (Write in 900 words) Ch’oe Yun’s novella “There Silently a Petal Falls” and Lee Chang-dong’s two films; Secret Sunshine and Poetry grapple with the trauma of Kwangju Uprising (1980). Discuss the ways in which the writer Ch’oe Yun and the director Lee Chang-dong imagine to heal the trauma of the victims and restore the broken community not only from the perspectives of the victims of Kwangju but also from those of the citizens who experienced the trauma, albeit indirectly, outside of Kwangju. Consider in your discussion the notions of seeing/telling /witnessing truth, apology, forgiveness, hospitality, ethical listening/seeing, solidarity of the wounded, ethical responsibility, sacrificial substitute, etc.
2. (Write in 600 words) In today’s increasingly globalized but still ideologically divided and economically uneven world, people make difficult decisions for survival risking dangers and paying heavy prices. People in the North East Asian corner often fall victim of these conditions and women are especially vulnerable. Discuss the trauma of some of these victims and how private sectors and individuals may help ease and heal their trauma when the governments fail them or even are the culprits. Discuss these issues with the examples drawn from Geum-hee’s Okhwa, Lee On-hie’s Missing, Hong Jae-hee’s My Father’s Emails, Ounie LeComte’s A Brand New Life. Those who have watched Yang Yong-hi’s Dear Pyongyang or Jero Yun’s B, a North Korean Woman may draw your examples from them as well.

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