Directions This week you will review the contemporary issues identified in the c

Directions This week you will review the contemporary issues identified in the case study shared below. Please write a 750-word essay that critically evaluates issues in financing health care by addressing the provided prompts. Case Study – Financing Capital Projects Jonathan is the CFO at a large healthcare organization in the Midwest. Today, the executive board is getting together to look at the strategic initiatives for the next fiscal year. Mary, the CEO, discussed the need for the organization to increase access and grow its population health program to be successful in the value-based care model. Jonathan reminds the group that due to the cost of the organizations EHR implementation, the organization has not had funds to contribute to capital projects and in order to accomplish this, they will need to update some of their IT hardware along with increasing their stock of wearable devices to be able to monitor patients remotely. In at least 750 words, write an essay in APA format that critically evaluates the organization’s ability to finance capital projects. Ensure you answer all prompts thoroughly using at least two scholarly resources as references to justify your responses. • Explain the different types of financing options that healthcare organizations have access to in order to finance projects. • Evaluate which option is most viable for Jonathan’s organization to pursue in order to update its’ IT hardware and fund wearable devices for its’ patients. • Explain how the financing option works and why it is the most viable option compared to the other options that are available. • Describe how using financing to complete this project will benefit Jonathan’s organization in the long run.

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