Depending on your field, you may need to write articles for professional or acad

Depending on your field, you may need to write articles for professional or academic journals,
write proposals for business projects, answer customer correspondence, prepare manuals for in-
plant use, or carry out a variety of other writing tasks. The purpose of this assignment is to help
you improve your written communication skills and critical thinking abilities as well as
cultivate your research skills and ability to develop and logically defend a position. Moreover,
completing the assignment will help you learn how to gather and organize information; interpret
and synthesize that information; publish, revise, and proofread your papers properly; employ the
appropriate writing strategies; and adapt your writing for specific audiences and purposes. In
short, you will know how to take charge of your writing and produce quality work. For the
assignment, you will write an essay of approximately 1000-1500 words on one of the topics
13. A major theme in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun is conflict between generations.
Identify passages and scenes in which Hansberry develops generational conflict, and explain
how each functions to advance the plot and main conflict of the drama.
You must use at least two scholarly secondary sources. That scholarly secondary sources do
not include your primary source. The primary source and the scholarly secondary sources
must be cited in the essay. A rough publish must be submitted with the essay. If a rough publish
is not submitted with the essay, five (5) points will be deducted from the essay’s final grade.
The final essay must be typed in black 12-point font and be double-spaced. The essay must be
documented according to the most recent Modern Language Association (MLA) style guidelines.
The essay must also be formatted according to the MLA style guidelines, or points will be
deducted. Undocumented essays will receive a failing grade. Do not include a title page.

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