Complete your own personal earthquake preparedness plan. There are three compone

Complete your own personal earthquake preparedness plan. There are three components
to this:
1. An assessment of the safety of your (a) campus apartment or room, and (b) a second
place where you spend a lot of time. This can be your parent’s house, or your office, your
lab, a practice room, a library… the possibilities are endless! Are there any hazards that
you can remove or reduce? Include digital photos (if possible) of the hazards and what
you did to fix them (if you can).
2.A plan of what you will do during and after an earthquake. Again, this should be done
for the situation when you are (a) on campus in your room, and (b) at the second
3.Disaster kits. Make a list of what it should include (with quantities) and explain why
each item is needed. Where will it be stored? There should be two kits, one for (a)
your campus room or apartment, and (b) at the family home.
Each of these three components should be a maximum of 500 words. It is fine for you to
list points as bullets, in which case your text will be far fewer words while still having all
the content. Your mark for this any assignment in this class will be based on the content,
not on the fact that you have used up the allowed number of words. You will receive little
credit for simply copying lists from various webpages. To obtain full credit
1.Your work must demonstrate a real effort to identify hazards to you personally and
remedy them when possible.
2.There can be more than just two plans for during and after an earthquake. There should
be one for when you are in your campus room/apartment, one for when you are at the
family home, and there may be additional plans for when you are in a classroom, in a lab etc
3. Your list of contents for your personal disaster kit should include consideration of who
else you may need to help or take care of after an earthquake e.g. your roommates, your
family members etc.
You can find more information about making a disaster plan, preparing a disaster kit and
mitigating hazards around you at:
• Putting down roots in earthquake country Northern CA version or Southern CA
version- the reading for the preparedness lecture.
• UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Preparedness. Click on the “earthquake
preparedness” section.
• California Office of Emergency Services. Planners available as part of their Earthquake
There are many more websites with suggestions…google!

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