Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping: Summarize the “Class Profile” and use th

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping: Summarize the “Class Profile” and use this information to direct the differentiation throughout the lesson plan. National/State Learning Standards: May be based on the standard selected for the Topic 2 assignment. Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives: Objective written in Topic 2 to inform this section may be used. Academic Language: List any vocabulary students will need to learn for full understanding of the lesson. Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology: Lesson must integrate digital tools and resources into the instruction and assessments. Anticipatory Set: Include pre-assessment or required knowledge student will need to be prepared to learn. Multiple Means of Representation: (This section is how you are teaching the content/teacher actions) Include at least two of the models or strategies previously discussed, along with a thorough explanation of how the chosen model/strategy would apply to the lesson. The Topic 4 assignment may be used to inform this section. Multiple Means of Engagement: (This section is how students are interacting with the learning/student actions) Topic 5 assignment may be used to inform this section. Specify how instruction would be adapted to diverse students, based on an understanding of how elementary students differ in their development and approaches to learning. Multiple Means of Expression: (This section is how you will know if students met your objectives/assessment) Include formative and summative assessments to plan, evaluate, and strengthen your instruction. Include technology resources in at least one assessment. Label each assessment as formative or summative as indicated in the lesson plan template. Extension Activity and/or Homework: Topic 5 assignment may be used to inform this section. Rationale/Reflection: In 250-500 words, answer the following questions: How do the instructional models you chose for the lesson meet the diverse learning needs of the students on the “Class Profile”? How does the instruction and assessment meet the developmental needs of students and strengthen future instructional decisions? How do the technological resources you selected engage students and support your assessment practices? Tips for Success: Use the guidance on the lesson plan for an idea of what that section should look like. Delete the guidance text after to reduce your similarity in LopeWrite Be specific. You need to explain step-by-step how you would teach this lesson. Details should be connected to the objective and standard, not general ideas that can be taught with any objective (I will use visuals and ask questions vs. I will display a picture of the characters and ask students to describe the traits). Use the feedback I gave your on previous assignments and adjust your objectives, assessments, learning activities, etc. based on the feedback in your assignment rubrics Review the attached exemplar lesson plans for more examples (notice the level of detail, this plan tells you exactly set-by-step what to do) Don’t forget your rationale/reflection, this is the part that is often forgotten and totals 105 points!

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