Class Instruction : When you synthesize two or more readings—when you show how t

Class Instruction :
When you synthesize two or more readings—when you show how they interact—you are doing
high-level thinking. At this point in the course, you have already done a lot of important work
toward the synthesis paper. You have read numerous related essays, and you have been thinking
about how these essays relate to each other. This advanced assignment will ask you to work at a
deeper level than is expected from a standard lower-division synthesis assignment.
Before you start drafting your synthesis paper, you will need to analyze each essay you will be
using. What is the thesis of each? What are the main sub-points? How do the details fit in?
Once you have done solid analyses, you’re ready to synthesize. It’s important to note that you
don’t have to cover all of the points from any of the essays. In fact, that’s probably impossible.
You will be covering tightly-focused concepts that apply across essays.
As you figure out how the essays interact with each other, you will find that implications
beyond the authors’ intent reveal themselves through the work you’re doing.
Now, what does exactly it mean to show how ideas from the essays interact? Summary isn’t
enough, though summary is necessary. Additionally, the paper must do more than simply
compare and contrast. You will need to make the interactions between the ideas explicit. The
thesis statement and topic sentences are essential places to do that. You can make room for your
own speculations toward the end of the paper.
2 essays that are used for this assignment.
– Allegory of the cave” by Plato.
This is class instruction, the attachment is the graded essay with professor feedbacks.

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