China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative

Summarize two of the above countries or groups’ responses to the BRI and IPS.
USE ONLY THE DOCUMENTS PROVIDED BELOW AS YOUR SOURCES. us all documents. make sure to NOT USE outside sources.
CFR, “China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative.”
Read one of the articles from JCC (Special Issue, vol.30.127, 2021) about how major global and regional powers respond to the BRI: the Quad, the non-Quad, India, Japan, and the ASEAN.
Answer in full detail and to every aspect of the question. Make sure points are clear and sentences are created with goodvocabulary. Do not use the words, this, that, or it. Make sure no run on sentences and check grammer. Make sure to read,and answer questions properly and professionaly. ONly take this offerif you are a political Science MAJOR. Make sure to have a topic sentence, and closing sentence. Use transition words to complete and professional vocabulary

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