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  • That is, you should not include any explanatory notes, and the user is expected to know how to interact with the presented functions without instructions.

    Hi, I am having a data assignment. Deadline is due very soon, so any help would be very much appreciated. The tool this assignment should be done with is Tableau. Here is the instructions: Background You are a data scientist working in the public sector. Your team leader wants to get an understanding of the […]

  • A.)

    You have been called in as a Business Analyst Consultant for Blackrocks. Review the case study and create a SWOT analysis presentation for the Blackrocks leadership team. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following: 1. Title slide. 2. Overview of presentation/Introduction. 3. SWOT Analysis. a.) Include internal or external factors that relate to: i.) Current […]

  • Use academic writing standards and apa style guidelines.

    have to submit this CT by 28th September at 19 PM .KSA time . For this critical thinking assignment, read Chapter 6, “Organizational Structure and Management Systems: The Fundamentals of Strategy Implementation” and evaluate a KSA company and their processes of strategy execution. 1.How does the strategy developed in the strategic planning processes translate into […]

  • Cite the source of your research.

    (1). As you are developing your Portfolio, what changes would you make to your Website? More graphics? Color? How can you make your portfolio stand out from others?….(2). Log onto the website “” Identify a minimum of 5 features/tools that are offered. Share examples of how you might be able to use these tools in […]

  • What (if anything) can you do to make your interaction with the culture more effective?

    1.In your opinion, do the Gallup results fit your general expectations or constitute a surprise in some ways? Interpret the results of the Gallup survey in terms of your own experience, either to confirm or to question the results. Compare the Gallup results and your opinions with the McNamara categories. 2.The degree to which the […]

  • Why?

    This email contains errors in terms of grammar, message, purpose, structure, and tone. 1. Identify and mark any errors in this email. 2. Rewrite this email to ensure employees of Sprinklez Donutz, Inc. are well informed of the hazardous virus outbreak. 1. Change the email header to be from a specific and appropriate department head […]

  • Please answer the questions in the downloaded word document.

    Please answer the questions from the link provided, it is basic questions that you will find the answers of them from the 10-k form, 02/22/22 (the first link). please answer the questions in the downloaded word document. Please have it done today soon. IT SHOULDN’T TAKE TIME, + BE AN EXPERT IN ACCOUNTING BEFORE APPROVING […]

  • #6 – summarize the stages in the life cycle of the project.

    Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation WITH SPEAKERS NOTES for each slide. Include the following: #1 – Provide an overview of the project. #2 – Identify the stakeholders and how they will benefit from the project. #3 – Discuss the resource requirements. #4 – Outline the fundamentals of the team structure. #5 – Identify the […]

  • With this in mind, respond to two of your classmates with a suggestion for improvement for how the company could improve its advertising.

    Follow-Up Response (Minimum 100 words) : Review the responses of your classmates. Anyone can criticize something that is not working, but those who offer creative solutions to fix advertising strategies that are broken have a bright future ahead. With this in mind, Respond to two of your classmates with a suggestion for improvement for how […]

  • Record the facts from the case study which are relevant to the principles and concepts of the module.

    Case 11: New York Times: Adapting to the Digital Revolution p. 492 (in the textbook) To support the case analysis read Chapter 8 and the assigned reading. Remember that a case study is a puzzle to be solved, so before reading and answering the specific case questions, develop your proposed solution by following these five […]