Case study: “To Each His Own,” page 55. Read the case study and answer the thr

Case study:
“To Each His Own,” page 55. Read the case study and answer the three questions. Please cite chapter in each answer to explain his situation. The chapter is filled with theories and concepts that fit this case study. Take something out of your reading, tie it in as a possible explanation, and cite your text.
Question #1: Why is Paul feeling ill:
Text Insights: Paul is feeling ill because of a nonverbal communication collision of space and distance… keep going and explain in detail based on chapter insights.
*Cite: (Samovar, et. al, 2017).
*The more details and use of text, the more points you will receive. Show what you know. Add charts, pictures, etc. if you want.
Yes, it really happened!
II. A World of Gestures – Video
I love this video! I hope it does not give you any trouble. The video goes around the world and films people using nonverbal gestures. Gestures are very culturally based. The peace sign in one culture means a bad word in ours!
Google title above or click on link below and view. Answer the questions below.
World of Gestures SHORT 13 30 – YouTube (Links to an external site.)
1. What is the definition of gestures? Use the chapter to define. Cite.
2. Record 5 examples of gestures presented in the video. List: a.) gesture and its meaning; b.) country of gesture
3. Are there any gestures that we use in the U.S. that have a different meaning in another culture? Provide an example.
4. How do you use gestures? Give me your favorite!

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