Assignment Prompt (American System after the war of 1812) After the War of 1812,

Assignment Prompt (American System after the war of 1812)
After the War of 1812, the country had largely put to rest
any fears of future external crisis
that could lead to the end of the
country. Washington had said, in 1792,
that if we could have peace and avoid war for at least 20 years, we would grow
to the point that we would never
have our existence threatened. He was right…barely.
Once the war ended in 1815, the new generation of leaders
were determined to look inwardly for opportunities for growth. Though they would lean on Alexander
Hamilton’s far-seeing
economic plans, these new leaders would carve out their
own system. Henry Clay would
known as the foremost advocate for this new American System—sometimes known
as the Market Revolution. What is
perhaps most intriguing is that these leaders were
Republicans, all…since
there really was no second party during these first 2-3 decades of
the 1800s. So, Jefferson’s Republicans were
now, some of them, becoming open to Hamilton’s old ideas about the future of
the country. Wonder what this reality
will mean for our future in the coming decades?
Watch video:
Analyze the American System, covering the following
questions. You can answer this in text
format, or you can submit a mind-map if you would find that more approachable.
1. First, what is it; give a summary overview of its
purpose, emphasizing its major goals?
2. What were the major initiatives or ideas started by
Congress to fulfill the goals?
3. Did it accomplish its main goals…if not, then why or
where did it fail.

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