Assignment: Pick a career of interest within the Physical Education/ Kinesiology

Assignment: Pick a career of interest within the Physical Education/ Kinesiology discipline in
which you are interested in (Ex. Coaching, Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, Sports Information
Director, Physical Therapist, Aquatics Director, Dietician, Youth Camp Coordinator, Sports
Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, etc.) and write a 3-5-page (1250 words) report
on that profession (Final Report Due June 2nd). 50 Points
Requirements in Career Report:
1. Specific information about a Physical Education/ Kinesiology discipline career in which
you are interested in such as; the nature of the work, the environment, the education
required, the training or certifications needed, average salaries, the labor market
outlook, related positions, advancement in that discipline, and typical employers. Must
use 3 sources. (10points)
2. Information about a specific employer who would hire someone with your chosen
career interests. You should approach this part of the assignment as though you were
preparing for a job interview. Topics covered should include the size of the organization,
its history, clients and customers, products and services, opportunities and promotion.
Again, sources are available on the Career Development Centers website. Most medium
to large companies have all this information on their websites, however, you must
research this information. (10pints)
3. A description of the typical career path one follows as he/she advances in this career.
Your personal plan for how you will get there after Mt. SAC. Also, what classes you will
need to take in order to receive your degree in Kinesiology from Mt SAC and the 4-year
college in that specific career path. (10points)
4. Your own reaction and opinions to the above three sections. Reflect on how well you
think you would fit in within this discipline or within the company or employer. Describe
your satisfaction in working in the career field you’ve investigated. How has the
research confirmed or changed your plans and why? Are there any areas in which you
need to continue to develop skills further? Which aspects of the field or position do you
like and dislike most and why? Which aspects/characteristics do or don’t fit? Provide
thorough and thoughtful analysis to this section. Give specifics! (15points)
5. Overall organization, 3 sources, each area mentioned, 3-5 page minimum (1250 words),
size 12 Time New Roman font. (5points)

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