Assignment Content Deductive reasoning is a problem-solving process that investi

Assignment Content
Deductive reasoning is a problem-solving process that investigators use to piece together a crime in order to reach a logical conclusion. Law enforcement officers use deductive reasoning as one of the core components for generating theories, forming hypotheses, and connecting the evidence. In this assignment, you explore the use of deductive reasoning in crime scene investigations.
Write a 700- to 875-word essay in which you do the following:
Explain how deductive reasoning is used in crime scene investigations.
Describe the skills and mindset needed to apply deductive reasoning.
Summarize the process of evaluating an argument through validity, truth, and soundness.
Explain how police could use deductive reasoning to connect the cases in the following scenario:
Police are called to the 500 block of Main Street for an attempted rape. The alleged rapist entered the home through an unlocked window in the rear of the home. The forensic team has collected a shoe print from the flower bed for evidence. Shoe prints were found at eight other locations within the city where rapes have occurred.
Create 2 scenarios to demonstrate how deductive reasoning can be used to solve problems and/or crimes in the field of criminal justice.
Format your essay according to APA guidelines.

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