As you have read this week, the life cycle stages of adolescence, midlife, and l

As you have read this week, the life cycle stages of adolescence, midlife, and later life carry significant challenges and unique opportunities for growth. These particular experiences are so powerful and ubiquitous, that countless poems, songs, TV shows, and films across generations and cultures are dedicated to exploring them. For this discussion, address the following:
Identify a character or family from a TV show or film who is going through adolescence, midlife, or later life (provide a short bio on this person or family to create context).
Describe a situation or experience this character or family is dealing with (or has dealt with) that illustrates the developmental phase they are in.
Discuss the developmental tasks of this stage with regard to the family and how relationships are impacted (provide examples).
Identify key contextual factors involved (i.e. gender, race, etc.) and discuss their influence on the developmental process.
Family life cycle phases related to adolescence, midlife, and later life:
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Exploring family relationships across time using genograms:
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