Analyze the major developments between 1850 and 1861 that contributed to the Civil War.

For your exam, you will write an essay (worth 100 points total) and identify terms (worth 25 points total). Write your answer in a word document. You must submit the assignment by uploading the file by the due date. You will only have one chance to upload one file, so make sure you have completed the assignment fully before submitting it.
First, you will choose and answer one of the following questions. Your essay should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs and 500 words, but be sure to thoroughly address the prompt and provide specific examples. You may discuss the historical context generally, but you must provide clear examples from lecture/powerpoints and the reading. Do not use outside course materials (such as googling things or random websites). All material from the reading and sources must be properly cited, and material that is not from the reading/lectures must be in your own words.
Treat your response as an essay. Remember to include a thesis for your response with specific examples to prove your claim. Review the rubric before submitting your exam. Good responses will include the following characteristics:
A thesis statement that clearly expresses your position.
Consistent commentary on the significance of your examples in proving your claim and situating your arguments within the context of this course.
Cause and effect explanations of significance.
A satisfying conclusion. This is not a mere summary of your points
Identify and discuss the components that contributed to American economic growth from 1800 to 1860: The North, The South. What were the important innovations that changed each section? How did industrialization impact both sections? How did labor practices differ?
Analyze the major developments between 1850 and 1861 that contributed to the Civil War. What were the most significant events? How did they increase tensions between the North and South?
Discuss the protests movements of the 1800s and how they changed American society. What were these movements? Who led them? What were their main goals? Make sure to include at least three different movements in your discussion.
Pick 5 of these 10 terms and define them in 30-50 word answers for each term. Each term is worth 5 points. Number each of your answers from 1-5. Each term you define is worth five points. Your task is to define the terms with context, meaning an explanation that provides the terms significance to US history. Your answer should be written in your own words, and not be taken directly from the powerpoint or reading.
Terms (1. Cotton Kingdom, 2. Black Colonization, 3. Abolition, 4. Compromise of 1850, 5. Dred Scott decision, 6. John Brown’s Rebellion, 7.Bleeding Kansas, 8. Black Codes, 9. Secession, 10. Lincoln-Douglas Debates)
Make sure there is 0% plagirism and no grammar errors as they will result in failure. I attached files to read and use for most sources and quotes. do not use anything online or in website as quotes unless you summarize it into your own words. use appropriate vocabs and writing. ask me if you need anything from the book but the book name is the american yawp you can find the chapters there.

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