Analytical paper about a specific problem in United States history from 1870-1940.

You must write a five-seven page (10-14 paragraph) analytical paper about a specific problem in United States history from 1870-1940. This may include any political problem from the Post Civil War Amendments to the Tea Pot Dome Scandal of the 1920s to the court-packing attempt of FDR. In addition, it may include economic problems such as the stock market crash of 1929 to the social upheaval of Red Summer of 1919. You must employ primary source documents and scholarly articles to support your contentions. You may use your text as a means to ignite any of your ideas, but you may not use the textbook as a reference for the project. You may choose your own topic, but your subject must be cleared with me. You will want to examine a specific governmental initiative cultural trend, social problem, or economic policy, and explain what the short-term and long-term impact of that policy or problem. The paper will begin with an introductory paragraph and a detailed thesis statement. You need to examine how a specific problem was handled historically taking into account the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of said problem or policy. Over the body of the paper, you will need to support the reasons for your thesis with appropriate examples and citations from at least four different sources. You must conclude your paper by showing how the long-term effect of this policy and/or problem has influenced the current state of American social and/or economic policy or cultural trends in the 21st Century.
Essay Structure
Introduction (one paragraph)
Lead-in (Question, quote)
Transition (Build a bridge to thesis)
Thesis Statement
Reasons for thesis (four)
Brief explanation
Body (eight-twelve paragraphs)
Topic sentence
Key reason
Specific example
Cite expert
Conclusion (one paragraph)
Summary Statement
Short-term vs. Long-term impact
Benefits v. Consequences

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