All parts of the financial project should be typed (12-point font), and double-s

All parts of the financial project should be typed (12-point font), and double-spaced with one-inch margins.
For the submission, please upload documents and do not submit/share links to your documents.
Write a paragraph describing your family situation including your name and the name of the spouse or partner you are living with (if applicable), your age(s), employment(s), salary, or annual wage approximations (for you and your spouse or partner), and ages of children, if any. If you are living at home with your parent(s) please state that, but only include your information for all parts of the project. Please don’t use your parent’s information. (10 points)
Develop and submit a balance sheet Download the balance sheet for yourself or for your family if you are married or are a parent. Must use the electronic version balance sheet. (20 points)
After developing the balance sheet write a one (1) page reaction to what your balance sheet tells you about your financial status. Include a debt ratio and a current ratio, and explain why you are in that financial status and how it might change over the next few years. (20 points)
If you have no outstanding debts/liabilities, please write a sentence stating that you have no debts and explain how that might change over the next few years.
Complete the financial goals worksheet
with at least five goals. At least two of the goals should be long-term (to be achieved FIVE or more years in the future). Goals must be realistic. Must use the goals worksheet provided. (20 points)
Please note that you will need to keep track of your JUNE income and expenses for Part 2 of the project.

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