700-800 word blog post Topic/ question -> What are the major scientific finding

700-800 word blog post
Topic/ question -> What are the major scientific findings regarding the impacts of climate change on the mountains and glaciers?
– 5 paragraphs
-please read pdf document -assigned chapter readings ( use most of citations/paraphrasing from this article)
in text citaions (author, year, page #)
Your blog must be based on the assigned reading (i.e., Carey, 2010) and it should showcase solid academic writing quality. Prepare this blog using the APA Style Guidelines appropriate for this week, mainly Carey (2010). Since your audience is your peers, avoid general statements and impress your readers with an interesting and well-organized blog, and encourage them to reflect on the presented ideas. Ideally, this blog should:
focus on a single topic or issue, in which you can make a strong and thought-provoking case for discussion and engage the readers in constructive dialogue
clearly state a thesis or main argument within the first paragraph to make the purpose of the blog clear
be based on the assigned readings and the relevant literature (avoid videos, Wikipedia or random websites)have user-friendly organization and layout (i.e., catchy title, coherent narratives, short paragraphs, use of visuals) to encourage the readers to read the full story. Avoid file attachments.
include a solid concluding paragraph that engages the readers to reflect on the chosen topic/theme by raising at least one substantive question.
not exceed the word limit of 800 words (not counting the title and cited references or bibliography)
Provide appropriate in-text citations (e.g., authors year, p. XX) and complete bibliography in the APA or similar style guides (just be consistent throughout). Similarly, in-text citations should be properly formatted. Use (Holdren 2010: 3) or (Schneider 2010, p. 22). Do not over use direct quotes to the extent that your post loses its originality–try to paraphrase as much as possible to make your writing more coherent and compelling.

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