`123Course: African and African American Studies In this report I need you to st

`123Course: African and African American Studies
In this report I need you to study the evolution of the gender roles and status of the Gikuyu woman in the society focusing on three primary timelines that are pre-colonial, colonial, and post-independence periods, examining the shifting dynamic of the Gikuyu woman’s sociopolitical role in the society, as well as the significance of religion in this changing role.
Basically, The Gikuyu, also commonly referred to as the Kikuyu, Agikuyu or less known, Nyumba ya Mumbi, are a Kenyan ethnic community of Bantu-speaking descent that are geographically found residing in the cool and wet highlands of Central Kenya.
In this paper, I need you to focus specifically on the women, and also religion (either of the kikuyu/christianity and/or any other) a
Here are a few ideas you can incorporate but feel free to add your own.
Pre-colonial period:
Ø Brief background on the initial matriarchal and matrilineal systems of the Kikuyu community. Then I will discuss the effects of the imposition of patriarchy on the community and the eventual shift to a patrilineal system
Ø Discuss Kikuyu women in the role of leadership: Chief Wangu wa Makeri
Ø Discuss misunderstood Kikuyu traditions such as bride price (dowry) and the implication on the view of Gikuyu women
Ø Role of women in FGM and missionary opposition to female circumcision
Colonial Period:
Ø Role of women in uprisings against colonialism like the Mau-mau
Ø Role of women in other resistance groups and methods
Ø The influence of Western education and religion on the role of Gikuyu women
Ø The origin and return of the Mungiki and the role of women in this mafia
Ø The shifting presence and portrayal of Gikuyu women in Kenyan media
Ø The increasing involvement of Gikuyu women in politics in Kenya

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