1) To catalogue and assess the relevance of your studies to a career, job and/or

1) To catalogue and assess the relevance of your studies to a career, job and/or internship
2) Identify and explain how classes and activities outside your collegiate focus are still relevant and useful
3) Demonstrate how Communication Studies scholars have the skills and experiences that interrelate with tthe workplace
Without addressing every class you’ve taken, what relevant courses have you taken and what major ideas, concepts, skills did you learn in each of them?
How could the content of these courses be applied in a workplace setting? Where/how could you use this material to get/keep/excel at a job?
What are some major concepts that you learned in this course that would help you in actually utilizing this information in a work place environment? Use specific examples.
What courses outside the department have you taken? What do they add to your overall education?
What have you learned from your work experiences?
Describe and discuss your extra-curricular activities.
How do these interrelate with your COMM courses?
What transferable skills have you developed?
Paper should be no shorter than 5 full pages.
Coursework Paper Structure
Section on Communication Studies Coursework (cover 3-4 classes; a paragraph for each class)
Section on outside department courses (cover 2-3 classes; a paragraph for each class)
Section on Work/Extra-Curricular Experiences (try for as much variety as possible)
Make sure you work the application into each course as you cover them
For Paper, Assignments, Presentations, etc for the term
Be sure to submit all documents as .doc, .docx., or .pdf
Outside of Communication Studies that I have taken are: CS 101 Intro-Computer Applications, PSYC 304
Critical Thinking/Psychology, SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 203, and SPAN 204, and PSYC 241
Intro to Human Development. Pick 3 courses.
Courses I haven taken in Communication Studies: COMM 201
Communication Research Methods, COMM 308 Nonverbal Communication, COMM 335 Social Media in the Workplace, and COMM 425 Computer Mediated Comm, Advanced Social Media COMM 435. Pick 3 courses for this as well. I am a Communications major with an emphasis in Social Media and Technology, my minoris Psych. I want to do business and marketing in the future. Digital marketing and hospitality. You can BS my extra-curricular activities.
Thank you so much, my # is 304-741-6594 for questions, my school is West Virginia University, if you need to look up class descriptions.

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